Decluttering Project Week Two

I’m getting some traction now, 77 items to get rid of this week!

Day 8 – Neckties

 After working in the corporate world for 40 years I had accumulated a lot of neckties.  When I started working in the office, casual dress was considered not wearing a suit. Minimum requirements were a dress shirt, tie, dress pants, and dress shoes. Over time the dress code eased and the last few years were quite casual, with even jeans being acceptable. I got rid of some of my ties over the years, but decided to reduce them to a few that I would need for formal occasions. I will really miss my ‘data’ tie, which was about as ‘radical’ as you could get back then.   

Day 9 – Charging Cables

 Seems like everything you buy has a micro USB charging cable with it. Since they are universal fit, so I don’t need a different cable for each device. Keeping a couple for back-ups is a good idea, but I don’t need this many.   

Day 10 – More Office Clutter

A number of items today: Scrap paper, 2 USB hubs, 3 microSD card adaptors, 1 tray, 1 magnetic holder, 1 stylus, Invisiglass cleaner. 

The scrap paper was given to us about 10 years ago, but we barely used it. The scarcity mentality crept in, not wanting to waste something by throwing it away even though you are not using it.

 The USB hubs were free gifts from one of the many technology conferences I attended. I could easily end up with a suitcase full of junk at these conferences, almost every vendor booth had some free trinkets they were giving away if you stopped and talked to them. It’s great if you have small children, it felt like Christmas to them when I got home with all the free items.

Day 11 – More Cables!

 2 ethernet cables, 2 audio cables, 1 printer cable, 6 chargers 

More technology clutter. With most connections being wireless these days, the need for cables has been greatly reduced. Most electronic devices today use standard connections so the chargers are interchangeable, eliminating the need for specialized adaptors.

Day 12 – Magazines

 I subscribed to Mother Earth news for years. I liked the back to the land / simple life theme. It was a good balance to my high tech day job. It was nice to go back and re-read articles, but I seldom did this, and now the articles are online anyway so I don’t need to keep hard copies around.  

Day 13 – Nut & Screw Drivers

I’ve been ‘collecting’ tools for a long time. Either from garage sales, items from friends or relatives, gifts, or items from other tool kits. Unlike tech items, tools don’t become obsolete so it was harder for me to get rid of them. This group was sitting in a drawer out in the barn and were not being used. Time to get rid of them. There are only so many screwdriver I need.

Day 14 – Decks of Cards

 My mother and brother both love to play cards, they use a deck a few times and then get rid of it, since they always want to play with a fresh deck. To me, these cards still looked like new so I took them. They were nice for the kids to play with when they were younger, but I had nearly 30 decks of these cards laying around. I picked the 14 most used ones to get rid of and kept the rest for now. If I have a hard time finding enough items to get rid of near the end of the month, I can reduce this further.