DeCluttering Project Week Four

I’m in the home stretch – but it’s a big week; 265 items to get rid of.

Day 22 – Office Items, Old Phones, and a Tripod

 Nothing exciting here, some vintage cellphones, key rings, and keys. An extra tripod (why did I need 2?)

Day 23 – Old VHS-C Tapes

  It’s been an exciting evolution for movie/video. My Mom made home movies with a super-8 movie camera (film that needed to be developed). This progressed to cam-corders that recorded on VHS video tape, then more compact camcorders that used VHS-C and 8 mm tapes, all the way to the current digital videos you can do on your phone. 

These VHS-C tapes were used when the kids were growing up. I dubbed the important ones to DVD a few years ago so there’s no need to keep these around anymore. 

Day 24 – A Variety of Stuff

Old Christmas decorations, old tin snips, broken chandelier, old picture frames, and track lights. I didn’t have a good way to group these items, so it’s just a bunch of assorted items.

Day 25 – More Magazines

 More magazines I found that were hard to throw away many years ago. Since I haven’t looked at them in 20 years they can go!

Day 26 – My Old Items

 Some Bowling and Golf trophies, my high school graduation tassel, old nameplates from my corporate job, some cards and photos. The only organized sports I participated in were Bowling and Golf, I was OK at both of them but nothing outstanding.  

The orange name tags have a better story. Back when I first started my corporate job, you would get 2  nameplates printed.  The large one went on the outside of your office above another plate with your job title, and the small one went on a whiteboard for your department, where you would check yourself in or out for the day, indicate you were on vacation, in a meeting, etc.. This was before cell phones, online calendars, voicemail, or email and it was the only way people would know where you were. It was posted near one of the administrative assistants desks so if someone called looking for you, the AA could let them know where you were. 

A good story involves when we had horses. Sue was feeding the horses and one of them accidentally stepped on her. Her leg was cut badly and she hobbled back to the house and called me at the office for help. Since I wasn’t at my desk, the call bounced to the AA, she checked  the board and said I was in a meeting until 5:00, but could get me out of the meeting or take a message if it was important. Sue said it was nothing important and she didn’t want to bother me if I was busy. She then called her Dad who came over to help. I drove home from work to see my driveway blocked with emergency vehicles and started to panic. I parked in Blair’s driveway and ran to the house. I noticed a trail of blood going thru the garage and down the steps, with Sue on in the basement on a backboard surrounded by paramedics. Her dad caught me and said it really wasn’t as bad as it looked, they were just being cautious. Everything turned out fine in the end but it’s amazing to think how limited our communication abilities were before cell phones.     

Day 27 – Pots and Planting Trays

  do quite a bit of gardening and hated to get rid of the flats and pots after I planted the items that came in them. I did re-use some of these when trying to start my own seeds, but this never worked very well. I found that planting seeds in study re-usable containers using small biodegradable pots worked better. 

Day 28 – More Pots

 At one time I thought of starting a nursery business. I started saving these pots because they were the perfect size for selling small plants. I never pursued this since I would need to sell so many plants to make any significant money that it was not worth the effort.

Day 29 – Even More Pots

 Same as day 28, I saved a lot of pots!

Day 30 – More Magazines

 This is the remainder of my old magazines. Feels great to get them out of the house!

Day 31 – Allen Wrenches

  Small in size but big in clutter. Almost everything that you buy that needs assembly relies on Allen wrenches to put it together. A wrench is usually supplied with the product. After awhile I accumulated a lot of these, most of which are duplicates. I also have a set of nice Allen wrenches that I bought and prefer to use anyway.