Decluttering Project Week One

This week was easy, I only had to find 28 items to get rid of! Here they are:

Day 1- Bag of Chinese Finger traps.

A few years ago the company where I worked was coming out with a new recognition program where you could earn points for being recognized and could redeem the points for prizes. Managers were the only ones able to give points and were limited in the amount of points they could give out, so it was hard to accumulate points quickly. To make matters worse, It could be months before you accumulated enough points to redeem them for something good . It reminded me of when I took my kids to Chuckee-Cheese and gave them a bunch of tokens to play games with They would come back with wads of tickets they won playing the games, we would go to the prize counter and all they could get were some Chinese handcuffs because the good prizes needed hundreds of tickets.

Anyway, I thought I would start my own recognition program. I bought a bag of Chinese handcuffs for $10 from Amazon and when someone I worked with did a great job I gave them a sincere thank you and a set of Chinese handcuffs, joking that the handcuffs were worth more than the points they would have received thru the recognition program. Many people thought it was funny and were actually excited to get them. But, after a couple of weeks I discontinued my personal recognition program since I didn’t want to ruffle too many management feathers. This bag has been sitting in a cabinet ever since

Day 2 – Old Computer Mice

These are leftovers from old desktop computers I’ve had over the years. They still work fine, and I didn’t want to get rid of them, but I use wireless mice or the touchpad on my laptop now. I haven’t used these for a long time so they really need to go.  

Day 3 – CD’s and DVD’s

  I accumulated these several years ago, they were great for burning music albums, copying videos, and backing up my computer files.  Now, movies and music are streamed, my computer files are backed up to the internet automatically and for anything I want to copy from my computer I use a USB thumb drive. This little thing holds more than this whole stack of CD’s and DVD’s. Another example of ever improving technology rendering older tech obsolete.

Day 4 – More Office Clutter

More things I found in my office.  The keyboard was from an old dell desktop computer. Same as the mice from Day 2.

The DVD cases went along with the stack of blank DVD’s that I go trid of on Day 3.

The 4×6 photo paper was from a time when I thought I would save some money printing my own photos, but after trying a few I found out it used a lot of ink, took more time to print and didn’t turn out as well as the professionally printed photos I could get for 30 to 40 cents.

I don’t remember what the laminating sheet were for, but I haven’t used them for a long time. As luck would have it, right after I got rid of these I would have had a use for them to laminate my COVID vaccination card!

Day 5 – Calculator, Phone, Cables

 The printing calculator was great for garage sales, you could print a receipt. But, who needs a receipt from a garage sale? A pencil and paper worked just fine.

The phone was from my mother in-laws apartment, it didn’t work anymore and we bought her a replacement. We kept the broken phone for some unknown reason.

The 3 power cables were left over from a few old desktop PC’s we had over the years that went to recycling after we were done with them since they were so old they were of no use to anyone.

Day 6 – Assorted Blueprints

 My grandfather was a draftsman and he taught me how to do technical drawing. These were the original blueprints for my current home, the blueprints from my brother’s home, blueprints for my sun porch addition, designs I drew for a potential vacation home, and a random blueprint from one of my friend Ben’s homes that I used as an example when drawing the vacation home prints. I took photos to digitize these before getting rid of them.  

Day 7 – Altoids Tins

 I like Altoids, the strong mint flavor really makes my mouth feel refreshed. They come in these unique metal tins that are hard to throw out. There were lots of posts on the internet of things you could make from Altoids tins. Organizers, first aid kits, survival kits, etc..  I tried a few of them , but I found out re-closable ziplock bags were more compact and easier to deal with than a metal tin. For some people they may work well, but not for me.