Decluttering Project Week Three

Momentum is building – I need to get rid of 126 items this week!

Day 15 – Assorted Books

 We have a good sized library in our house, I’m trying to thin them out.

  1. Cookbooks – It is so much easier to look up recipes on the internet than it is to go thru cookbooks in my opinion. 
  2. How-To Books – Same thing. You can go on You-tube to find out how to do just about everything. These books fed my homesteading thoughts; building ponds, making wooden toys, farming, etc.. all sounded good and were interesting to read, but I can let someone else dream about that now by donating these books.
  3. Misc – Fun books like Weird Michigan, Horoscopes, and Self Improvement books were all good reads, but nothing I need to keep.

Day 16 – Old Tax Forms

 This one was embarrassing. You need to keep copies of tax forms and receipts for five to 7 years, not 20 years! 

In the last few years, I digitized everything tax related and don’t keep paper copies at all. This was a good thing, but I never went back to purge my old records.

Day 17 – Games, Games, Games

 I’m an odd duck, I don’t like to play games, especially board or card games. I would play them with the family for the social aspect but I didn’t get excited about it. With kids, you accumulate a lot of games over the years. It was high time to clean out the game cupboard. This was one of my favorite decluttering efforts so far!

Full disclosure, I did keep a few games that we play when the family is in town.

Day 18 – Popular Mechanics Magazines

 I liked to subscribe to magazines (before they were available online). If they had interesting articles or projects I would keep them around for future reference. I found these stored in the rafters of my pole barn. I don’t think I need to keep them anymore.

Popular Mechanics was a tradition. When I was growing up my grandfather subscribed to this magazine. I remember looking at all the cool projects (he didn’t throw out there old issues either – they were on a shelf in his workshop). Maybe that’s how I got in the habit of savings old magazines,

Day 19 – Justin Items

 This brought back many memories about my son growing up. We used to go out to the workshop when he was young and make things. As he got older he started making things on his own. A couple of good examples were the homemade stilts and the custom walking stick.

He taught himself to ride a unicycle, my daughter also taught herself to ride on this same cycle. Now it just sits around so it’s time to donate it for someone else to have a chance to learn.

The rest consisted of several participation trophies, and a bunch of items from grade school. I have a picture to remember them by and that’s good enough!

Day 20 – Horse Items

 We had horses for a few years before we had children. Horses need a lot of stuff, which we mostly got rid of when we sold the horses, but for some reason this box of items still remained in the rafters of the barn. There was a bridle, several lead ropes, a halter, a couple of stall fences, fly repellent, gate handles for electric fences, isolators, and connectors for electric fence wire. The horses were fun, but a lot of work.

Day 21 – Nana Items

 When my grandmother moved to a nursing home many years ago we packed up her ‘knickknacks’ and I put them up in the rafters of the pole barn. She loved to collect this trinkets and it was an easy thing to buy if you didn’t know what to get her for Christmas. I went thru and picked out a couple of small keepsakes and will give the rest of these to Goodwill.

A funny memory; the tiger in the background was from the 1950’s. It has the legs glued back on after my younger brother knocked it off the shelf in an angry rage when he was about 3 years old.