Enjoying Your IPhone – Podcasts

Podcasts are great ways to listen to interesting content on a huge variety of subjects, and in most cases they are free! Let’s explore podcasts and how to make the most of them. There are many 3rd party apps available to listen to Podcasts, both for IPhone and Android, but I will focus on the IPhone delivered Podcast App for this post. There are podcasts available for nearly any interest, just search through them to find one you like.

Setting Up your Defaults

Go to SETTINGS on your IPhone and select PODCASTS. Pay particular attention to the following settings:

Cellular Data – If this is turned on, you can listen to a podcast when you are not connected to WIFI. But it will use your cellular data. If you have a limited data plan you may want to disable this.

Block Downloads over Cellular – I usually leave this enabled since if I want to download an episode, I will do it while on WIFI. But, if you have an unlimited data plan you could turn this off.

Refresh Every – This is how often your IPhone will look for new episodes. I set mine to ‘Manually‘, so it will get new episodes anytime you open the podcasts app. This is a personal preference since it saves a little battery life because my phone isn’t checking for updates behind the scenes, But you can adjust to hourly all the way to weekly.

Download Episodes – This one is important! if you have the setting turned on you can take up a lot of storage on your phone. I prefer to leave it off and download individual episodes as needed.

Find Some Podcasts

Open the PODCAST app and tap ‘Browse‘ to see some popular podcasts in various categories. If you know the name of a particular podcast, tap ‘SEARCH‘ .

When you find one that interests you tap it and then tap ‘SUBSCRIBE

Once you have subscribed to some podcasts, they will appear in your LIBRARY, which you can view by tapping the LIBRARY tab.

Podcast Options

If you tap on the small circle with the 3 dots next to the subscribe button, you get several more options:


Tapping on the SETTINGS gives you more options to customize your subscription to this specific podcast.

Podcast Settings

You have additional options here, tapping on CUSTOM SETTINGS gives additional options:

DOWNLOAD EPISODES – If you want to automatically download new episodes just for this podcast, you can turn it on here. If I have a podcast I listen to all the time, I may set that one to auto download.

I usually leave the other options as the default.

Podcasts Library

Now you can go to your LIBRARY. You initially see Recently updated shows.

You can tap on SHOWS to see all your subscriptions.

You can tap on DOWNLOADED EPISODES to see any podcast episodes that have been downloaded.

Tapping on one of your podcasts will bring up the episode list. (See example on the left)

If you want to listen to an episode, just tap on it.

If you want to download an episode, tap on the CLOUD with the down arrow.

Listening Options

When your listening to your podcast, you have even more options!

The 15 or 30 lets you skip backward 15 seconds or forward 30 seconds. I rarely use this.

The 1x allows you to speed up or slow down the podcast. I rarely use this.

The triangle with the circles shows you which audio options are available, such as your IPhone, Bluetooth headphones, etc.. I normally don’t touch this since connections are usually automatic, but if for some reason my bluetooth device is’nt connecting automatically, I can manually connect it here.

The sleep timer is something I use quite a bit.

I hope this gets you started with Podcasts. they are great for learning and entertainment. Enjoy!